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DART Dance Company and DART Programs perform two compelling contemporary evenings. 

The sensual and musical pieces will carry the audience into a world filled with mother nature and ecstasy. 

Rich in musical nuances, this dance theatre production will be a walk through a vast and varied emotional landscape, leading to a world of freedom.

The dancers will unleash their creative forces bringing to life the works of Jiri Pokorny with his sensitive and softness physical 

piece: « The one AND lonely », the works of Anton Lachky and Peter Chu « Puzzle Work», « Text when you land» and the latest piece by Tamas Tesson-Kiss, Mateus Tesson-Kiss « After a while in the exile ».


17th of May at 20:00 :

The one AND lonely

After a while in the exile

. Intermission .

Text When Your Land

Puzzle Work 

18th of May at 19:00 :

The one AND lonely

After a while in the exile

. Intermission .

Puzzle Work 

The one AND lonely 

Choreographer : Jiri Pokorny 

Lenght : 30 min

“The one AND lonely” is a new work that centres around themes of our social environment. A system that breaks down into little components, units or different entities in which we forget to see the connections between them.

We may be alone but we become lonely if we do not connect.

The “AND” is the point of overlap and it represents unity, a place where we may discover a whole new landscape of connections.
It brings us to a higher state of understanding between one another as the meaning of “AND is common to both.

“ You think because you understand ‘ONE’

You must also understand ‘TWO’

Because one and one make ‘TWO’
But you must also understand AND “

- Rumi

After a while in the exile

Choreographer : Tàmas Tesson-Kiss & Mateus Tesson-Kiss

Lenght 30 min 


Social isolation is a universal human experience, impacting whole communities at times and reminding each individual of our need for connection. Isolation weaves through life on an intrapersonal, interpersonal and existential level; all individuals experience this phenomenon, to varying degrees, at points in their development.


Choreographer : Peter Chu 

Length 30 min


In a transient life, the only constant is the recurring event of arriving and departing. Although these movements seem linear in structure, I’m interested in what lives in the maligned moments during these actions. The traces we carry from place to place inspire the opposition we use in the creative process. The circularity of vitality, energy, and substance and how they co-exist within the movement was vital in developing the source material for this work. These three treasures assisted us with how moving bodies from mixed cultures communicate through breath, sensation, and touch. 


Text when you land examines the emotional traces we carry from place to place. It is a reminder to breathe and release the unnecessary layers accumulated in the body and mind. Is there a point at which moving bodies find stillness, or perhaps they never arrive? I find wonderment in the desire to surrender to this mystery!


Choreographer : Anton Lachky 

Lenght 20 min 

A never ending process, Puzzle Work is an endless game if we allow it to be.

Each of us has our own logic, our own limitations and our drive to move, push and grow. The key is finding our own balance so that our bodies function the way we wish or allow them to function.

Artistic Director: Kinga Vargova

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