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DART STUDIOS is one of the largest and most cutting-edge dance spaces based in the outskirts of Berlin. Hundreds of dancers apply from all over the world to take part in this revolutionary new training course held by some of Europe’s most renowned professional instructors. With teachers changing every week, our dancers are constantly learning new styles, improving their technique, reaching and surpassing their potential. The course specifically designed for professional dancers who must either be working already as professional dancers with some experience or for those individuals who are pre-professional and have already completed advanced dance schools/programs.


The DART Studios Professional Training Intensive will help those who partake to expand all aspects of a dancer’s knowledge. Teachers change on a weekly basis, allowing dancers to immerse themselves entirely in the style and technique of each instructor, while also allowing them to traverse the depths of their artistry and reach past the limits of their own technical abilities and discover new truths about themselves. Years of experience and education will be packed into a rigorous and intensive 41 weeks of intensive training; during which time dancers will work tirelessly with our seasoned instructors to engage in profound research and development to find of their own artistic voice and technical expertise.

In addition to the training, dance portfolios and a dynamic showreels will be created for all of our dancers, to assist them with their future auditions and upcoming work applications. Beyond these benefits DART will organize several possibilities for our Program members for internships and even paid positions with prestigious companies. DART Studios will also be honed and grown into an audition hub offering possibilities to secure project work and to create your own pieces — as we will strive to make anything possible at the DART Studios for those willing to work hard and yearning to dance!


Feedback from our students 


Oleksandra Zelenska:

Dart Studios was my safe place, where I kept forgetting about my problems. And if it was very difficult, people from there supported me. During the year, we were taught by a large number of teachers and this helped to understand what I like, where my weaknesses are, what my body lacks. I've seen huge progress this year and I'm sure that going to Dart Studios was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. In addition, I met so many new people who became close to me and learned many things thanks to them, and not only about dance. It's about something more. 

Olivia Kirk:

Alongside learning from DART’s company dancers, DART Studios has unique access to an abundance of guest teachers, giving its students ample opportunity to experience new methods and new movement languages: to be challenged to absorb, adapt and embrace. My year with DART has not only shaped me as a dancer and as a performer, but has also developed my personal approach to new experiences by providing a supportive, nourishing and exciting environment for its students to thrive in. I feel beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of something that I truly believe is so special.

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